Project Grants to Artists

November 2016 —
December 2017

Armenia Art Foundation provides financial support to artists working in the field of contemporary art, to stimulate the development of contemporary art in Armenia.

Project Grants to Artists are designed for artists or collectives, working in different media, including performance art, photography, audio-visual, digital and media art, and art in public spaces. The program is open for graduate students and professional artists alike. Project Grants can cover expenses for research and production of artworks. However, while research on the project may be conducted before applying for a Project Grant, the production of a new work at the end of the program is a mandatory requirement.

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Program Objectives

To support the creation and production of new artwork

To stimulate artists in pursuit of their artistic practice and professional development

To contribute to a growth of a vibrant contemporary art scene in Armenia


Individual artists and art collectives (two or more artists working together) are eligible.
Two types of Project Grants are available, depending to the age of the applicant:

  • grants for younger artists aged 18 through 25;
  • grants for artists aged 26 and above.

To be eligible, all applicants should:

  • either be based in Armenia, or be from Armenian Diaspora;
  • produce the artwork in Armenia, except where allowed by the current guidelines;
  • not have already been awarded funding under this program in the same calendar year;
  • have satisfied the reporting requirements of any previous AA Foundation funding program.

Grant Amount

The recommended grant amount is equivalent of $4.500. However the final amount may be higher or lower, as in each case the applicant should determine the sum they request based on the needs of the project.

The applicant might not be awarded the full amount requested; the Foundation reserves the right to recommend the final amount of funding.

Grants cover research activities and production of the artwork. In case of funding research, the applicant should explain how the proposed activity will develop their artistic practice and the evolvement of the idea of artwork to be produced.

The application may or may not include the expenses for research activities, whereas the production of new artwork is a mandatory requirement.


Applications for AA Foundation funding are peer assessed by members of the Advisory Board of the Foundation.

At first stage, applications are reviewed by the staff of the Foundation to confirm the eligibility of the applicant, and ensure that the application form is complete and accompanied by the required set of documents.

At the second stage, members of the Advisory Board will receive and review copies of all eligible applications, supporting documents, and other attachments.

The Advisory Board will select successful applications based on the application forms and supporting documents, and according to assessment criteria and availability of funds. They can request additional information.

All applicants will be informed of the outcomes of their applications approximately two months after the application deadline.


Open Call #1:
November 7, 2016 – February 22, 2017 (23:55 AMT)
Open Call #2:
July 3, 2017 – September 30, 2017 (23:55 AMT)

Applications in Armenian or English are submitted via e-mail.