Happy Holidays!

2017 was an amazing year of work and active cooperation and interaction with artists, curators, thinkers and art lovers from all over the country and abroad.

The Armenia Art Foundation was established as an organization that set its mission in serving artists and artistic community in Armenia. Our year of 2017 began with the Open Call for Artists encouraging them to apply for financial support and get funds to cover expenses for production of new artworks.

By now, we have held 2 Open Calls, all in all receiving 95 applications from Armenia and the Diaspora. We have already supported 6 projects, and we will support another 4 in 2018. Our next Open Call will be held in 2018 and will offer greater  opportunities for artists.

In 2017, AAF became a partner of STANDART Triennial of Contemporary Art in Armenia. The first edition of Triennial was entitled The Mount Analogue (inspired by the unfinished novel of French surrealist writer and poet René Daumal) and was curated by Adelina Cüberyan von Fürstenberg. The winner projects of AAF First Open Call were presented within the framework of the Triennial, and AAF organized an integrated program of workshops among other events and activities to support the interaction and collaboration between local and international artists.

AAF will expand its programs in 2018, creating various opportunities that will enable artists to develop and pursue their artistic practice. We invite all participants of the field to contribute jointly to the growth of Armenia’s vivid contemporary art scene in the long run.

Stay with Armenia Art Foundation to learn more about our programs and opportunities for further cooperation and receive news on Armenian art world.

We wish you  good health, best of luck, festive mood and positive changes in the New Year. Let each day of the coming year be luminous and memorable, filled with bright events and great art!

Warm regards,
Armenia Art Foundation