Сollage vivant, Marta Dell’Angelo

The collage technique was introduced and developed by the Avant-gardes in the early 1900s as a work of art in itself or as a model for planning and developing ideas parallel to drawing. As a start, the participants will be directed towards developing a composition – which will be two-dimensional and flat at first – suggesting its possible and future evolution in a three-dimensional space through the use of already existing images, in particular photographic and printed ones.
In collage, perspective as a rule to represent space does not exist; depth, distances and magnitudes are suggested in a more intuitive way through a composition hierarchy. This is achieved by simply combining, juxtaposing and associating images in complete freedom using shapes, colours, subjects and objects that are already existing and not created ex-novo as it occurs in drawing, painting and sculpture. Not being the “authors” of the images, but rather being their simple users, frees the creators of a collage from schemes, personal style matters and from being recognised.
The main focus will be on transformation procedures, composition and creation. Authors will be enabled to choose their favourite images, reflecting the particular aesthetic and cultural interests of the participants at the workshop. Unlike in classical collage where images are finally glued and stuck on a substrate, in this workshop participants will build a three-dimensional maquette; in it the images cut out will be placed in depth, getting rid of the two-dimensional support of sheets of paper, and will come to life in space with lights and shades animating them.

Those interested in participating are invited to collect printed material such as magazines, manifestos or photocopies beforehand, which will be used during the workshop. The lecturer will bring more printed material from Italy that will be made available to the students.

Marta Dell’Angelo born in 1970 in Pavia, Italy. Lives and works in Milan, Italy.
A frequent element in Dell’ Angelo’s works are monumental female bodies; represented in moments ofintimacy, emphasized by the white backgrounds, with positions often broken down and graceless. The body is no more than itself. She focuses on the forms and their physical presence that is simultaneously, a symbol of an existential status. The starting point of the work is digital photography, reworked and reassembled by the computer. Painting is the final action in a process that sometimes stops before the pictorial stage, materializing into audio works, video and low-resolution prints on blotter or tissue paper. This realization phase of the process is characterized by the disintegration of pixels transformed in expressive elements. In parallel to her objective work, dell’Angelo subjectivizes the body through the realization of performances.

2017: Carichi Pendenti, spazio COSMO, Milan, Italy; Mirror Image, Museo di Thun, Switzerland; 2016: UnGiorno o l’altro…, Palazzo Comunale, Fortunago, Italy; Corpo A Corpo, Galleria Passaggi, Pisa, Itlay; Fragile, a collaboration between the Italian Cultural Institute and the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco; La torre di Babele, Ex fabbrica Lucchesi, Prato, Italy; Un fischietto un euro – Performance, Manifesta The European Biennal of Contemporary art, Zurich Switzerland; La pelle, Officina, Bruxelles, Belgium; L’ascolto – una mostra immaginaria, Assab One, Milan; 2015: L’arte in una stanza – Figure, Pasquinelli Foundation, Milan; A4 – 564, Santa Reparata International School of Art, Florence; Manuale della figura umana. Primo studio per l’allestimento di un impaginato, Short Theatre Festival 10-11-12/09/2015, Macro, Rome.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017
16:00-20:00, TUMO Studios, Yerevan
Free admission
Prior registration required


Courtesy of artist