Means and Objectives, Arman Grigoryan

Arman Grigoryan is one of the leading artists of the Conceptualist and Pop-Art artistic movements of the 1980s in Armenia. His works often challenge traditions of academic art by including scenes, symbols from mass culture and simultaneously express criticism and nostalgia. One of the important principles of Arman’s creative activity is deconstruction and intervention into public and governmental art structures that he realized many times since 1990 in Armenia and abroad. Lives and works in Yerevan, Armenia.

Means and Objective suggests a total site-specific installation as an attempt to actualize the issue of choice of means and objectives, still actual, while the year of 2017, not to forget, marks the centenary of the Great Socialist Revolution. Artist believes that the means and objectives are mutually connected, or even we can say they identify each other as any given means in itself is an objective in present, and any objective is a means in future. Therefore, the objectives aimed at increasing the power of man over nature, and eliminating the exploitation of man by man, are justified.

The project is realized under the Financial Support for Art Projects program of Armenia Art Foundation.

September 15, 2017
Arman Grigoryan
Means and Objectives
Exhibition opening
Kapan Branch of Modern Art Museum
Kapan, Romanos Meliqyan 8