Topography of a Vision, Riccardo Arena

The aim of the workshop is to develop a “non-linear” creative methodology to research, organize and compose a complex system of images and significances in order to create a visual architecture built on the contemplation and intuitive association between elements. The workshop includes a theoretical part in which, through the presentation of artist’s working experience, will be explored a creative processes, that will provide the guidelines for the practical work together with the participants.
Riccardo Arena born in 1979 in Milan where he lives and works.
In his works Riccardo Arena develops a creative process founded on the accumulation, collation and study of diverse documents, which, in the process of assemblage, come to reveal accidental and unforeseen potentialities. These potentialities become in themselves active agents in the imagining of new, circumstantial paths of association that evolve independently from the original inspirational impulse. The constant movement between the intuitive gathering of study materials and their internal reconfiguration through the intuitive act is condensed into narrative structures that become the fundamental principle of the work: collage, films, drawings, archive objects, texts and animations, are all orchestrated into a visual constellation in mutual dialogue, becoming a vehicle for multiple references and interpretations. Over the years he has developed long term projects in different Countries, the timing and content of which are suggested through the events that arise during the investigations. After the project created in China “Four Times a Tree” (2006/2008), Argentina “Dual death Ellero and visual ecosystem” (2009/2012), Russia “Vavilon” (2013/2017), his currently working to a new project based in Iran.
His recent exhibition include 2016: Maxxi Prize, Maxxi Museum, Rome, Italy; Quadrıennale d’Arte, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, Italy 2015: Vavilon – Viafarini, Milan, Italy; The Man Who Sat On Himself, Fondazione Sandretto Re-Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy; 2014: Scenario Di Terra, MART, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento e Rovereto, Italy 2013: Il Giardino Dei Sentieri , Oct Contemporary Art Terminal Shanghai, China; Arimortis, Museo del Novecento, Milan, Italy 2011: Muerte Dual Ellero, Galeria Wussmann, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Padigione Italia nel Mondo, 54th Venice Biennial ; 2007: The Mills of God Grind Slowly, Knap Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017
12:00-20:00, Loft, Yerevan
Free admission
Prior registration required


Courtesy of artist