Vertigo effect. A discussion about our relationship to the construction of a political form, Thibault De Gialluly

Thibault de Gialluly will devote the first part of the workshop to his artistic practice and various stages of his career. Further an informal conversation will take place and the artist will discuss the issues of some extraterritories beyond / in the middle of the politic or the artistic from meaning to forms, the story of permanent constructions and re-constructions.

Take action by unfocusing images, events and theirs contexts in order to catch, to understand and to open their states of superposition (quantum superposition). We live in a world of unmappable secessions that we explore and expand every moment.

Thibault De Gialluly is born in 1987 in Paris, France. He lives and works between Paris and Athens.

The work of Thibaut De Gialluly expresses an incredible appetite, a need to take over the political thing, a profound necessity to understand the sociological patchwork of the extreme left, a bulimic re-reading of history (to the point of removing his moustache to Hitler or to inventing small groups that never existed). He tries to think, to believe, to fight, to refuse populism on all sides, to question the bicycle wheel of Marcel Duchamp who lost his pedals and to ridicule those that Jean Dubuffet called “s Sorting agents. “. The “assemblages” of de Gialluly, are composed of drawings, texts, and photographs, as mental territories, cartographies of the history of thought and political action, puzzles of which no piece really corresponds to another; a dramatic vision of the world, with different borders from those we know.

His recent exhibition include: 2016: Group Show Rainbow ranch hand, FRAC Nord pas de Calais, Dunkirk; FIAC, Municipal Fund, City of Paris; Group show, Aline Vidal Gallery, Paris; Hidden Garden, the Mondays of the Pavilion, Cité internationale des arts, Paris; Per Monstra, ad Astra, Michel Journiac Gallery, Paris; Double Je, Palais de Tokyo, Paris; L’image dans le tapis, 22RUEMULLER, Paris; 2015: FFOMECBLOT, Clovis XV, Brussel, Belgium; Family Matters II, De la charge, Brussels, Belgium; Elevations, Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval, Hautes-rives, France.

Monday, July 24, 2017
19:00-21:00, cafe “Ketiknots”, Yerevan
Free admission
Prior registration required

Courtesy of artist