Evaluating Performances #2, August 31, 2019

On August 31, 2019, artists of Soundlab will present their artistic projects created during the 2,5-month residency in Gyumri. Projects will be presented in the different parts of the city and will touch various topics.

Soundlab is a cross-disciplinary research platform based in Gyumri. It brings together Armenian and international researchers, engineers, sound artists and musicians to experiment with sound. Contrary to the stereotype one can have when thinking of contemporary art processes, Soundlab does not only take its roots in the city of Gyumri, it also procures interaction with the city and its daily life. It tends to involve the people living in that cultural center of Armenia, who have shaped the entire city experience as it is today, its stories, its dynamics and its memories.

The project is funded by the European Union and implemented in the frames of Bridge4CSOs project led by AGBU in partnership with EPF.


31 August, 2019

Mush 1 – Sound Installation, Gyumri
Kay Khachatryan, Vardan Harutyunyan, Gohar Martirosyan, Meruj Gudratyan
Address: Mush 1

The intervention to the Mush 1 zone is an artistic study of the memory of the space and its physical appearance in regards of their energy and electromagnetic settings. It is at attempt to observe the space in its purity, in the abstraction of its form, without references to its social and political context.

The sound installations will find their place in the different parts of the quasi urbanistic environment of the abandoned district of Mush and will create continuous digital and mechanical interactions of sound in the space, where the electromagnetic information is absorbed and given back to the space.

We are manifesting the current context of the place as originally beautiful, underlining the presence, the music in it, revealing its surprising nature and transpose one to a new kind of place of non pragmatic, non practical nature. This artistic act is for a liberation of the spectator and the artist in a unique place, using its authentic mystical alienated character.


Mauna – Sound performance
arek Buniatyan, Davit Selimyan
Address: Mher Mkrtchyan street, main entrance of the Textile factory, near the blue stone

As more and more people tend to complain about the city being loud and noisy, it is important to realize that we are a part of that noise as well. Silence can be healing and nourishing, so during the performance we will ask the audience to try and remain silent, to take a moment and simply listen as silence slowly and tactfully transforms into sound, which will all be improvised and performed by David Selimyan and Narek Buniatyan; with a fully improvisational set and breaks that will hopefully be as quiet as possible. The performance will take place in the former “Textile’” factory in Gyumri.

Time: 19:00-21:00

Stone to the Stone: Gyumri Textile Combine after May Rebellion
Group Exhibition, Performances
Jeny Gevorgyan, Syuzi Ginosyan, Meruj Gudratyan, Kay Khachatryan, Artush Koshtoyan, Maria Matinyan, Davit Margaryan, Vardan Harutyunyan
Address: Mher Mkrtchyan street, Main entrance of Textile factory, near the blue stone

From the very first day of their existence, people were inclined to create but at the same time they did not always appreciate what they transformed. The group of artists observes the space and considers it as a genesis of their artistic research and creation.
Today we are trying to master the space in time, to create something new and appreciating its essence without modifying it. Territorial memory is the significant base on what we ought to create, it never brakes or limits the present as the stagnant past does. This is an alternative way of revitalizing objects that creates a powerful magnetic field, which is triggered by a group of artists who try to hear the stones and speak their language. Through this fusion we are offering a performance that could possibly lead to a new permanent exhibition space in Gyumri, the art space, which will become a platform for new ideas and resources. “We have laid stone on stone” without changing the ground.