Armenia Art Foundation (AAF) is an independent non-profit organization aiming to support the development of contemporary art in Armenia. Based in Yerevan, it was established in 2016 by art historian and museum specialist Anush Zeynalyan and businessmen of Armenian origin  David Nazaryan and Rafael Nazaryan.

The mission of the Foundation is to support professionals working in Armenia in the field of contemporary art, and to unlock their creative potential both in the country and abroad.

The Foundation supports artists by providing financial support for art projects while initiating new artistic and educational projects in Armenia which involve local and international artists, curators and theorists.

The Foundation seeks to promote contemporary art within Armenia, and create a sustainable interest towards it, as well as participate in international cultural exchange initiatives and promote contemporary art from Armenia internationally.

Goals of the Armenia Art Foundation

Contribute to the development of sustainable environment for art production and presentation
Research and represent the history and current state of contemporary art in Armenia
Further engage Armenia in an artistic and intellectual dialogue with its neighbours and the world
Boost interest towards contemporary art in Armenia

The Foundation was established with strong belief in the power of art as a catalyst for social change, and the means by which it can shape Armenia’s long-term growth.